Thursday, March 22, 2012

Long Hairstyles 2011

Long Hair Styles for Men
Executive Summary By Jershon Teigh

For men, long hairstyles are back in fashion. Any guy considering growing out their hair could benefit from the hair care and styling experiences of women with long hair. Taking proper care of long hair, including shampooing, conditioning, combing, blowing out, styling, and applying product is essential to making the look work. Unwashed, untamed hair is not attractive. Hair products cost a pretty penny, as do salon visits. Regular visits to the stylist are very important to maintaining hair health.

While society as a whole seems to have embraced men with longer hair styles, many employers do not. Also consider reviewing the employee handbook to find out if long hair equals termination. Finally, be familiar with the hair type. Some types of hair look great long. If hair is fine and straight, a longer style will probably be achieved and maintained somewhat easily. Long straight hair on men is appealing. However, if hair is coarse, thick, and curly, one may want to reconsider growing it out. Long hair styles for men can be alluring when worn and maintained correctly. Men who want long hair must know their hair type. 

Fashionable Long Hairstyles For Men
Executive Summary By Marsudi Suwarnaadi

Goodbye Skinhead
Men are growing more and more aware of trends and latest fashions including 2009 long hairstyles for men.

No Punk Styles
Please keep in mind that punk styles are no longer fashion and it does not strictly fall within the long hairstyle category.

Keep it Natural
Keeping it natural is key, not natural scare crow or caveman. However nothing longer than shoulder length. If you prefer a little more texture, then opt for medium-long shag with or without layers. Face Shape
When deciding on the perfect hairstyle take your face shape into consideration. A long hairstyle definitely does not suit every shape face and thus not every man. A Jay Leno hairstyle will not work on David Beckham. Grooming Tips
Preferable Salon Endorsed products as you want to limit breakage, split ends and increase health, manageability and shine. If you are not big on hygiene, than forget about long hair. You will unfortunately have to visit your hairdresser more if you boast with a longer hairstyle as trims are essential to keep hair in top condition.

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