Thursday, March 22, 2012

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Trendy Short Hair Styles For Black Women
Executive Summary By Timothy B. Faber

For women, there are certain face shapes which just look better with short, cropped hair. If you've always worn your black hair long or in its natural state, why not try and have your locks cut short?

The good thing about wearing short hair is that they are ultra-low maintenance when it comes to styling. How about Short Hair Styles for Black Women?

Now that you already have an idea about the multitude of benefits that you will get to enjoy by keeping your locks cropped, what exactly are the short hair styles for black women that you can choose from? Take a look at our list of shorter styles for black women that you will absolutely fall in love with:
Spiky hair style
Ultra-sleek and straight
Natural looking trends

How about natural-looking short hair styles for black women? Curly or wavy

Halle Berry often wears a curly, wavy design which has a layered cut. You can either wear such a style straight, or give it a run with a curling iron for a softer look.

Short Afro or twists

Finally, the easiest length of hair to wear in a short Afro style or twists is extremely short cuts. Take your pick from these five trendy short hair styles for black women and create different looks out of your cropped locks!

Black Celebrity Hairstyles
Executive Summary By Melissa L

Black celebrity hairstyles have become a rage across fashion circles in various parts of the world. Whether it is the short hair cut of Oprah Winfrey or Rihanna's angled bob, Naomi Campbell's long hairstyle or Alicia Key's waves, almost all black celebrity hairstyles are making their own unique fashion statement. Using a little bit of imagination you too can duplicate black hairstyles of your favorite celebrities with ease.

Your facial features should be kept in mind when choosing from the various black celebrity hairstyles. The shape of your body is also an important criterion for choosing black hairstyles. The shape of your face to a very large extent dictates black celebrity hairstyles that would suit you.

If you are someone who is blessed with an oval shape, then almost any black hairstyle would compliment your face. Short hair cuts with bangs are the perfect match for heart shaped faces. Black hairstyle with height in the bang is what would suit someone with a round face. There are plenty of black celebrity hairstyles that you can try out.

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